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About Us

AJB Solutions OÜ was founded in Estonia in the beginning of 2010 by Arnoud Bakhuisen who is a Dutchman who moved to Estonia in 2009.

Arnoud’s technical career started already at a young age as he grew up in a agricultural environment where he was involved with technical all the time. It then was not hard for him to decide to start studying mechanical engineering. Following successfully finishing his bachelor degree in mechanical engineering he started working for the Philips Electronics concern as en equipment engineer designing hi-tech machinery for the Philips-DAP factory in Drachten, The Netherlands.

Then in 2004 Arnoud moved to the United Kingdom, where he worked in a local church as administrator and project manager, this as part of his personal ambition grow further in his personal ambitions in his Christian life. In 2009 with the plans coming onto the radar to move to Estonia he started working as an independent mechanical design engineer as over the years he stayed connected with some connections in the mechanical engineering industry in The Netherlands. This  has led to a promising partnership in which different skills and expertises are brought together.

Following the move to Estonia, AJB Solutions OÜ has been founded with the ambition to become a valuable partner in trade between Estonia and The Netherlands and United Kingdom as well as being a partner in knowledge and experience in the areas of mechanical engineering.

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