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Engineering Services

Engineering has many aspects and you can not be an expert in every aspect of engineering. For some aspects you will be better off to use specialists and to let them do the job for you.

We have a wide experience in the use of 3d-CAD tools to model, virtualize and create digital prototypes of any design. This is what we are good at.

We can offer you the following services:

  • Mechanical design – from concept to manufacturing drawings
  • Convert 2d design to 3d design – 3d modelling
  • Annotation service – designing manufacturing drawings for machine parts from your 3d model

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Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is (often) only one of the disciplines that a project will be made up of, and a mechanical designer might be the missing link to perfect your design or invention to bring this to the market. We have a wide experience in using 3d CAD tools to create a mechanical design according to client specification. …

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Convert From 2D To 3D

More and more companies discover the advantages of a 3D mechanical design and digital prototyping. It will make it easier to make adjustments or alterations to the design, the margin for error is absolutely minimized and it will be hard to miss a detail. Also the digital prototype can easily be presented to less technical minded clients. …

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Detail Engineering Service

Deadlines for projects are often tight. In order to make a deadline a final push using extra engineering capacity could well be needed. For this reason it is good to have access to flexible design capacity of qualified and experienced mechanical designers. We have good experience in taking on the final stages of a projects design process by designing …

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