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Estonian (Eesti) is the most Northerly of the three Baltic nations, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and has established it’s self firmly since it regained it’s independence in 1991. Since this time it been very successful in rooting out bureaucracy and corruption and has created a healthy and transparent economic environment, and became part of the EU in 2004. As result of it’s healthy economic environment Estonia has been allowed to introduced the Euro as it’s national currency in 1 January 2011.

Qua work ethos and taste for quality the Estonians relate more to Scandinavia then to Easter Europe. Also there is a drive in the Estonians to develop and innovate and do business which is pulling the country forward economically, even in difficult times. These things make Estonia a great country to work in and to do business with.

Some Facts And Figures

Estonia is a fairly small country of just over 45.000 square kilometers (17,462 sq mi) which is just a bit bigger then The Netherland and has a population of about 1.4 miljon people. To the north and west Estonia is bordered by the Finish Gulf and the Baltic Sea, to the south it is bordered by Latvia and to the east by the Russian Federation. The main language in Estonia is Estonian, while many people have English or Russian as a second language.

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